MobileSell is a smart, configurable standalone point of sale application to aid small businesses in sales management. It features a clean easy to use business focussed workflow, which makes creating and updating sales transactions quick and easy.

Create quotes, orders and sales in as little as 3 or 4 automated steps depending on your configuration:

  1. Select your items
  2. Select your customer
  3. Review and manually apply price adjustments if necessary
  4. Collect customer signature when creating an order or sale (optional)
  5. Checkout (for sales only)
  6. Review PDF output of quote, order, invoice or receipt (optional)
  7. Email the PDF output to the customer (optional)

No need to remember all the steps - MobileSell does that for you!

Convert quotes to orders or sales. Fill orders and invoice the customer. Collect payment for invoices and issue receipts. MobileSell provides you with the available options for each transaction. Just follow the automated workflow!

Sophisticated automated pricing speeds up the sales process. MobileSell automatically selects the correct price for each item by considering the selected customer and selected item quantity. Price adjustments can be further manually applied to individual items and/or to the overall total. Additional charges except from tax can also be added to the total.

Add stock items/services you sell to your item catalogue. Define discount pricing for an item based on quantity levels. Apply temporary price specials by setting an item's special price. Keep track of the stock you are carrying with the stocktake function. MobileSell will automatically adjust the stock levels when stock items are sold.

Add customers to your MobileSell account. Set individual customer discounts. Customers are stored in your device's contacts database so are available in your device’s contacts application.

MobileSell automatically creates professional looking quotes, sales orders, invoices and receipts in PDF format when a transaction is created or updated.

Define your own email templates (or use the default ones) to send a quote, order, invoice or receipt to a customer quickly without manually adding the email content each time. Automatically CC yourself, or your back office.

Do you have multiple businesses? Create a separate account for each business. Each account has its own item catalogue, customers and settings.

An extensive context based help system is available from every screen. If you can't find an answer to what you are looking for, please email us. We're happy to help!

Main Features:


  • Multiple user accounts with optional password protection
  • Supports stock items and services
  • Stocktake function with automatic quantity adjustment when items are sold
  • Customers are stored in your device's contacts database
  • Custom fields for items and customers
  • Import items and customers from SD card
  • Export transactions, items and customers to SD card
  • Be alerted when you have overdue invoices and/or outstanding orders
  • Archive and backup reminders


  • Create quotes, orders and sales
  • Convert quotes to orders or sales
  • Fill orders and invoice
  • Receive payment of invoices and issue receipts
  • Receive multiple partial payments per sale
  • Manually apply amount based or percentage based discounts on individual items and/or the overall total
  • Manually add additional tax exemptible charges to the overall total
  • Collect the customer's signature when creating an order or sale
  • Configurable email templates
  • Automatic deletion of expired quotes
  • Archive transactions to SD card


  • Tax inclusive or tax exclusive item pricing
  • Multiple tax rates. Individual items can have their own tax rate or use the default
  • Customer specific discounts
  • Set multiple item prices for an item based on quantity levels and/or apply a special price
  • Automated item price determined by the selected item quantity and customer
At present MobileSell© is available on the Android platform and can be obtained from the Android Market. If you would like to trial MobileSell© you can freely download the unlimited trial version titled MobileSell Trial from the Android Market. The trial version limits the number of customers, items and unarchived orders and sales you can have. It also excludes the data backup and restore features. The help pages accessible within MobileSell can also be viewed or downloaded in PDF format from here. See the gallery page for some screenshots.

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