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Syncable Sources and Templates


MobileSell supports syncable data sources for your items and customers. When a syncable data source is set, MobileSell will maintain a copy of the data from that source and can be configured to periodically retrieve updates from that source. MobileSell currently supports Google spreadsheets as a syncable data source.

Syncable sources provide an easy way to share item/customer data among multiple MobileSell users in a single organisation. When enabled synced items and customers cannot be edited or deleted locally. That is, changes to synced data must be made at the syncable source (E.g. by back office admin). This ensures controlled business practice and prevents conflicts on item/customer versioning when multiple users get their data from the same source.

Google Spreadsheet Formats

The first row of a syncable Google spreadsheet must contain the field names for the type of data defined by the spreadsheet (i.e. items or customers). Each field name must appear in a separate column. Field names may be in any order. Valid field names for item and customer data can be found in the MobileSell help or in the provided templates that are downloadable from this page. All fields marked as compulsory that do not default to an indicated value must be present, others are optional.

The remaining rows in the spreadsheet must each define the data for a single item/customer according to the field headings that are present. Field values may be empty as long as the field is not a compulsory one that has no default. Note that there must be no blank rows because a blank row is treated as the end of your data.

Using the Templates

To assist you in getting started we have created two spreadsheet templates (one for items and one for customers). These templates are in Microsoft Excel format. Each template defines all possible fields and descriptions are available for each field to help you define your data. To use the templates follows these steps:
  1. Download the template(s) from here: items and customers.
  2. Open the spreadsheet(s) in Microsoft Excel 
  3. Enter your data and save
  4. Sign in to the Google account where you want to store your syncable source(s). Note: To allow a syncable source to be shared by multiple MobileSell users, we recommend that you upload the spreadsheet(s) to a master Google account (E.g. business admin account) and then share the spreadsheet(s) with read only access to the Google accounts of your MobileSell users
  5. Open Google Drive or Google Docs
  6. Upload the spreadsheet(s) to your Google Drive or Google Docs ensuring that you check the option to convert the spreadsheets to Google docs format     

  1. Ensure the format of the changeStamp column is set to Plain text. This prevents Google Drive (Docs) from converting your change stamps to the Google date time format. To set the changeStamp column format, open your Google spreadsheet(s) and do the following:
    1. Select the changeStamp column (i.e. click on the column letter)
    2. From the menu select: Format -> Number -> Plain text
  1. (Optional) Update the sharing options on the spreadsheet(s) to give appropriate access permission to the Google accounts of your MobileSell users